Kristen Bell gets new movie

kristinbell.jpgFrom Veronica to Heroes, Kristen Bell is a terrific actor. Not only has she jumped on the Judd Apatow bandwagon in the upcoming “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”, she’s getting more and more opportunities. Variety has:

Bell will play a successful real estate agent in Gotham who can’t find a lasting relationship. When her younger sister impulsively marries in Rome, she flies out for the wedding and, after picking up coins from a reputed “fountain of love,” finds an overabundance of suitors waiting for her back home.

I do believe that Kristen has much more potential as an actress than the roles she gets. That being said, this film seems perfect for her. I look forward to seeing her in just about anything. She has been wasted on Heroes this season, so I’d really like to see more.

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