“Big Love” gets Emmy screening

While we wait for the January premiere of “Big Love”, the L.A. Times Envelope Screening Series conducted a panel with Creators Mark V. Olsen and Will Scheffer, actors Bill Paxton, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Chloë Sevigny and Ginnifer Goodwin. TV Week has a report from the panel:

“Big Love” has always mirrored the heartbeat of real-life polygamist culture, something Mr. Olsen and Mr. Scheffer plan to continue doing in season three as Roman Grant goes on trial following his arrest in last season’s finale. Real figures often serve as inspiration for characters. Hollis Green and his transgendered partner in crime, whose identity is “to be revealed,” are based on a real murdering polygamist and his sister wives, who are still out there today with guns and a hit list. One sister wife was recently arrested for trying to cross a state border, the creators said.

It is a very interesting article, and a video of the panel should be available at The Envelope website in a day or two. This will have to do until the 11 January 2009 premiere.

Because of timing issues, “Big Love” was left out of last year’s nominations. I agree with L.A. Times’ Mary McNamara:

“Big Love” deserves at least nominations in dramatic series, writing, actor and with Jeanne Tripplehorn, Chloë Sevigny and Ginnifer Goodwin, it should own Outstanding Actress in a Dramatic Series and I don’t want to hear any nonsense about them “canceling each other out.”

I think it’s a tossup between Ginnifer and Chloë. What do you think of Big Love’s chances at the Emmys? Who deserves an award?


No “Big Love” Until January

We knew the WGA strike caused a delay, but it’s longer than we’d hoped. Kristin at E Online has it straight from show runner, Will Scheffer:

Unfortunately the strike really pushed back production on season three. Our fans will have to wait until January for our new season, which just started production. It’s a great season, though, and I hope it will be worth the wait.

Margene has a remarkable season. First off, the baby’s here, and she’s beautiful. But Margie’s focus is on work. She’s in love with selling for Weber Gaming, but the family’s circumstances force her to sacrifice her ambition. If I said anything more it would be a spoiler.

Originally, there was hope that it would continue in the fall, but now it’s pushed to 2009. I think “Big Love” works best as a summer show, but I’d rather not wait an entire year, so I will take what I can get.

Will also confirms what I expected, Margene’s pregnancy is continuing during the hiatus. Do you feel cheated that so much time will have passed off screen? As I’ve said before, I enjoy the character development on the show, and with so much time and events passing, I fear that these will be different characters come January. What do you think?

UPDATE: According to Margene’s Blog, the baby has been born.


Review: Day Zero

Elijah Wood (Lord of the Rings), Chris Klein (American Pie), Ginnifer Goodwin (Big Love), and Jon Bernthal (The Class) star in Day Zero (now available on DVD), the story of 3 friends who have 30 days to report for military duty, as a result of the newly reinstated Military Draft. A decent film that had some flaws, but overall enjoyable to watch.
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Big Love Season Finale

 In a season finale that could have been a series finale, Big Love wrapped up last night. The HBO.com synopsis gives us:

This week, Bill resorts to a new tack to try to bring down his nemeses. Preparing for the festivities surrounding Salt Lake City's Pioneer Week parade, the Henricksons are rocked by the appearance of an unexpected guest. Margene comes clean to Ana about her relationship with "Phil" and then takes up her cause with her sisterwives–and Bill.

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Ginnifer Goodwin: “Acting her ass off”

TVGuide.com's Micheal Ausiello had this to say in his weekly column this week.

Love was always a little hit-or-miss with me, but these last seven episodes have made me a believer. Easily the best show of the summer. And can we just take a moment to bask in the awesomeness that is Ginnifer Goodwin? That girl is acting her ass off this season. I've already reserved a spot on our 2008 Dream Emmy Ballot for her. Ditto GraceZabriskie, who brings such joy to my life I almost want to hand her a wad of cash every time her nutzilla alter ego shows up on my screen.

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Big Love: Take Me As I Am

This week, Big Love comes to us a day early. The penultimate episode for season 2 was another solid episode packed with nearly every storyline possible. HBO.com gives the following synopsis:

This week, Bill makes Alby a tempting offer in the wake of Nicki's disclosure about Weber Gaming. Barb learns that her mother Nancy is getting remarried, and decides to use the occasion to try to make peace with her estranged family–and provide traditional guidance to Ben.

Potential Spoilers
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Big Love: Margene Answers Questions

Each week, Margene ( or most likely an assistant producer acting as Margene ) blogs about her life in the Big Love universe. If you want to stay 100% spoiler free, then I suggest you don't read it as she sometimes hints at upcomingstorylines. This week, she answers questions posed by her regular readers. One in particular that caught my eye was the following:

A lot of people ask things about Nicki and one person even said they even wished Nicki had a blog. Well, keep dreaming. That ain’t gonna happen. But, I wish she would too because then she could answer some of your questions about her. She was married once before, but I don’t know ANY of the details about it because she’s as tight lipped about that as anybody I’ve ever seen.

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