Curb’s Empty Gestures

curb-s7e1Curb starts off Season 7 with a bang. The main focus of the premiere Larry trying to decide how to get out of his relationship with Loretta before her cancer diagnosis is revealed. This was more motivation than entertainment. It had its funny moments, but I felt just served to kickstart this seasons arc.

The highlight of the storyline was the exchange between Larry and Auntie Rae. Larry asserts that Auntie Rae not talk to the neighbors, because “…neighbors impose. I’d rather have the thieves than the neighbors – the thieves don’t impose. Thieves just want stuff. I’d rather give stuff than time.”

The B-story involved Funkhouser’s “crazy” sister who was just released from a mental institution. This was the episode story that was there to bring the funny. I’m not sure how I feel about Jeff cheating this early in the season, but maybe it could signal a turnaround in his relationship with Suzie. Them arguing is always good.

It was nice to see Cheryl (and Wanda) in the first episode. I’ve always felt that Cheryl Hines was an integral part of this show, so it is nice to see her back. We’ve always wondered what could make Larry David ( real Larry or Curb-Larry ) agree to a Seinfeld reunion. We have the answer now, the chance to get his wife back.

What did you think of the premiere? What are your thoughts on season 7?

“True Blood” Episode News

Back in March we discussed HBO’s project to bring the Sookie Stackhouse series to the small screen, “True Blood”. At they have some information on episodes 2, 3 and 4. Episode 2 is described as:

“The First Taste”. Sookie suspects Bill is behind the murders of the people who almost ended her life; Tara deals with family matters; and a new church threatens the vampire world.

I’ve not read the series of books, but it is on my list after reading the comments from the last post. HBO nearly always delivers with its original series, and I hope that this one is no different. The premise is exciting and the reviews of the source material are great. I believe that the series will debut September 8th, 2008 on HBO.

Those of you who have read the books, does the synopsis match your expectations? What themes are you looking for to most accurately transfer from book to screen?


“Big Love” gets Emmy screening

While we wait for the January premiere of “Big Love”, the L.A. Times Envelope Screening Series conducted a panel with Creators Mark V. Olsen and Will Scheffer, actors Bill Paxton, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Chloë Sevigny and Ginnifer Goodwin. TV Week has a report from the panel:

“Big Love” has always mirrored the heartbeat of real-life polygamist culture, something Mr. Olsen and Mr. Scheffer plan to continue doing in season three as Roman Grant goes on trial following his arrest in last season’s finale. Real figures often serve as inspiration for characters. Hollis Green and his transgendered partner in crime, whose identity is “to be revealed,” are based on a real murdering polygamist and his sister wives, who are still out there today with guns and a hit list. One sister wife was recently arrested for trying to cross a state border, the creators said.

It is a very interesting article, and a video of the panel should be available at The Envelope website in a day or two. This will have to do until the 11 January 2009 premiere.

Because of timing issues, “Big Love” was left out of last year’s nominations. I agree with L.A. Times’ Mary McNamara:

“Big Love” deserves at least nominations in dramatic series, writing, actor and with Jeanne Tripplehorn, Chloë Sevigny and Ginnifer Goodwin, it should own Outstanding Actress in a Dramatic Series and I don’t want to hear any nonsense about them “canceling each other out.”

I think it’s a tossup between Ginnifer and Chloë. What do you think of Big Love’s chances at the Emmys? Who deserves an award?


No “Big Love” Until January

We knew the WGA strike caused a delay, but it’s longer than we’d hoped. Kristin at E Online has it straight from show runner, Will Scheffer:

Unfortunately the strike really pushed back production on season three. Our fans will have to wait until January for our new season, which just started production. It’s a great season, though, and I hope it will be worth the wait.

Margene has a remarkable season. First off, the baby’s here, and she’s beautiful. But Margie’s focus is on work. She’s in love with selling for Weber Gaming, but the family’s circumstances force her to sacrifice her ambition. If I said anything more it would be a spoiler.

Originally, there was hope that it would continue in the fall, but now it’s pushed to 2009. I think “Big Love” works best as a summer show, but I’d rather not wait an entire year, so I will take what I can get.

Will also confirms what I expected, Margene’s pregnancy is continuing during the hiatus. Do you feel cheated that so much time will have passed off screen? As I’ve said before, I enjoy the character development on the show, and with so much time and events passing, I fear that these will be different characters come January. What do you think?

UPDATE: According to Margene’s Blog, the baby has been born.


Judy Greer leads HBO’s “Suburban Shootout”

On the heals of “Miss Guided” being forgotten by ABC, Judy Greer has been cast as the lead in the upcoming HBO series “Suburban Shootout”. The Hollywood Reporter has:

Judy Greer has been tapped as the lead in HBO’s half-hour pilot “Suburban Shootout” for director Barry Sonnenfeld, and Teri Polo is set in the title role of ABC’s drama presentation “Finnegan” for director Gary Fleder.

Based on the critically praised British series, “Shootout” is a dark comedy about a woman (Greer) who escapes the city for suburban bliss only to find herself caught between two rival gangs of homicidal housewives as they vie for control of their idyllic town.

I loved “Miss Guided” and feel that ABC never even gave it a chance. Greer is amazing, and her acting style should fit well with Shootout. Greer is perfect for the dark comedy.

Even though “Miss Guided” isn’t technically dead, there isn’t any hope. Most people didn’t even know it was on or existed…even ABC.

I think Judy Greer is an amazing talent, what do you think of her?


Tell Me You Love Sonya Walger

sonya-walger.pngThis past fall, a show debuted on Showtime called “Tell Me You Love Me”. It was controversial because of the explicit depiction of sexuality, but my wife and I found it honest and interesting. It was well produced, and amazingly acted. One of the standouts was Carolyn, played by Sonya Walger of “Not Penny’s Boat” fame.

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