How I Met Your Mother – Drunk Train

How I Met Your Mother follows that old “Friends/Seinfeldformula” that has worked so well over the years, but with great improvement. It takes the best of each and melds them into a great show. The ensemble cast just entertains more and more each week. There was plenty of evidence of that this week.

I love the way how characters can grow and evolve, yet keep what makes them funny and interesting. If anyone has grown over the course of the series it is Robin (Cobie Smulders). In tonights episode, she dealt with some pretty serious issues, but kept her personality. I think much of the credit goes to Smulders’ performance. She puts Aniston & Cox to shame. We know Robin isn’t the mother, but we wouldn’t mind it. The reverse Ross-Rachel that is their relationship keeps us thinking what it would have been like if it were true.

I am a little worried about Marshall (Jason Segel) and Lily (Alyson Hannigan). Tonight they were nothing but bit-plaing side characters. There only purpose in this episode was to egg-on Robin and Kevin (Kal Penn); no growth. I’ve been worried about coming of the baby (the death of the average sitcom), and this dumbing down of their characters isn’t making me feel any better. For this show to remain high quality Marshall & Lily need to remain strong characters…even with the baby.

The “stars” of the show, Ted (Josh Radnor) and Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) were their usual selves. There storyline was a perfect demonstration of how character growth can occur while keeping with the funny. We learned a lot about Barney tonight, yet he still managed to keep the chauvanism high, and the one-liners flying. Both him and Ted were able to find the funny tonight…loved it.

Another great episode; most of them are. It’s amazing that this show was almost cancelled.

CBS Monday Season Premieres

Monday CBS ComedyCBS Comedy Monday Night is back full throttle. How I Met Your Mother anchors the night, with Jenna Elfman’s Accidentally on Purpose taking the lead in and the excellent Big Bang Theory moving to 9:30.

HIMYM started off on very safe and even. Nothing distinguished the episode from a normal one (it didn’t feel very premiere-like). Not to say it wasn’t good, just not that memorable or legen…dary. I think they handled the Barney/Robin situation quite well. It was a nice balance, and does fit the character personalities. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.

The new Jenna Elfman comedy Accidentally on Purpose left me with mixed feelings. I believe the events in the pilot should have been stretched out over 2-3 episodes. Everything moved to fast. We’ve seen this story before (“Knocked Up”) so we knew where it was going. Why did we have to rush to get to the end? We couldn’t savor the story, or get to know the characters (even on sitcom terms). That being said, Elfman was entertaining as always, so I will be giving this one a chance.

Big Bang Theory was the highlight of the night. Again here, the coupling of two main characters was handled well (Penny/Leonard). Having Penny jump Leonard immediately completely took the will they/won’t they question off the table (which can get annoying). I hope that they keep the relationship going a while, and don’t pull a bad “Ross/Rachel” on us. The episode was full of hilarity (“That’s why I added the -tator”), and sets up the season nicely. Jim Parsons (Sheldon) was a good as ever (should have won the Emmy). Next to Curb, this is the best sitcom on television, and it didn’t disappoint.

Of course you may notice I skipped over an entire show; Two and a Half Men. I don’t watch this show anymore. I gave it a chance several times and find it a very overrated piece of garbage. It is a waste of the talent of Sheen and Cryer. It’s telling that the night is bookended by HIMYM and BBT. Even CBS knows where the quality lies.

What did you think of Elfman’s new show? How about Barney/Robin or Penny/Leonard? Did CBS comedy start off with a bang? Leave your thoughts below.