Dr. Horrible Rides Again!

Hot off the heals of the Emmy win, Joss Wheadon makes mention of the sequel to the smash hit Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog during an Dollhouse interview. TVGuide Magazine reports:

There will be a second Dr. Horrible Sing-Along Blog, Joss Whedon said in a Thursday conference call with reporters to promote Dollhouse. The main question, he says, is whether he does it “on a shoe string again” or goes bigger budget and “invites other people into the process.” Either way, he promises that it won’t affect the storyline.

We all knew it was coming, but how long do we have to wait? My first reaction was “No! Don’t go bigger!”. But, after thinking about it a minute, that would probably be the best thing to do.

Allowing it to grow would help to bring in a wider audience. More exposure. There are still those who don’t realize that there are great net-only entertainment options out there that surpass the quality of much of the mainstream.

Who will return for the sequel? NPH is very hot right now, but he would, or course, be a necessary component of a Horrible sequel. Nathan Fillion’s new show Castle is keeping him quite busy; but we all want Captain Hammer to return. Does Moist step up and become a super-henchman? Will the Doctor resurrect Penny? Or build a Penny-bot? (come on, you have to get Felicia back).

What are your thoughts?

A Horrible Emmy

via @NathanFillionJoss Wheadon picked up his first Emmy this weekend. Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog won the Emmy Award for short-format live-action entertainment programs. I, like most, found out via Twitter. The cast did a great job of building suspense with their constant updates throughout the evening.

Of course, Joss winning an Emmy is a long time coming, but I bet this one is extra sweet for him. Not just for being his first, but Doctor Horrible belongs completely to them, not to any studio. I really hope that he returns to the web again. A crossover talent like him can really legitimize online video, and get the word out that there is real quality on the net. We need another Horrible-esque show from the Wheadons. They say lightning doesn’t strike twice, but I get Joss can come close.

It would have really been nice to see this on the Primetime Emmy Awards. There are still people who haven’t seen, or even heard of Dr. Horrible. Maybe with NPH hosting, we’ll get some allusion to his alter ego. Congratulations to everyone involved.

(images in this post used without permission from @nathanfillion and @ motancharoen …hope they don’t mind)

“Dollhouse” gets new 1st Episode

After a successfully debut of Doctor Horrible, anticipation for Joss Whedon’s next project, “Dollhouse”, has been renewed. Now word comes from straight from Whedon himself that a new “first episode” is being shot.

I’ve been busying myself with a little something I like to call DOLLHOUSE. Finishing a new episode. Finishing a new… here’s the headline… FIRST episode. What’s that, you say? A second first? How can such a thing be? Does it defy the laws of all physics?

Well, the idea to do a new first episode wasn’t the network’s. It was mine. I understood their consternation, and saw the gap between my style and their expectations, and I suggested I shoot a new ep and make the one I’d shot the second. It isn’t going to be buried, like the pilot of Firefly. It’s simply coming after another, slightly cleaner ep. And because unlike Firefly, it isn’t a two hour epic which introduces everyone to each other, the onus isn’t on the new ep to explain a million things.

Yes, this seems all to familiar. Is Joss getting screwed by Fox again? He goes on to explain that unlike “Buffy” and “Angel”, “Dollhouse” the network makes tweaks to the show after it is shot, not prior (as the production was greenlit and production started before ANYTHING was shot).

I have faith in Joss Whendon; Doctor Horrible renewed it. I believe “Dollhouse” will be a smart, funny, action-filled, mythos-rich drama that will surprise most. Am I off? Is there anything to be worried about here?


“Dollhouse” Trailer is here

The “Dollhouse” trailer “Who Are You”, mentioned earlier, is live. “Dollhouse” is…

DOLLHOUSE (Mondays, 8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT): Joss Whedon, creator of groundbreaking cult favorites “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Firefly,” returns to television and reunites with fellow “Buffy” alumna Eliza Dushku for a thrilling new drama, DOLLHOUSE. ECHO (Dushku) is an “Active,” a member of a highly illegal and underground group who have had their personalities wiped clean so they can be imprinted with any number of new personas. Confined to a secret facility known as the “Dollhouse,” Echo and the other Actives including SIERRA (Dichen Lachman, “Neighbours”) and VICTOR (Enver Gjokaj, “The Unit”) carry out engagements assigned by ADELLE (Olivia Williams, “X-Men: The Last Stand,” “Rushmore”), one of the Dollhouse leaders.

The trailer company, Storm Studios, has it posted on their website pulled it from their website, but it is now on YouTube and IO9. The trailer and sneak peeks are available on Brightcove. Go watch it and come back and leave your thoughts.

Update: IO9 has an updated, better trailer.