Kevin Smith’s “Hit Somebody” to Film in Detroit Next Summer

kevinsmith-redwingsWe’ve know for sometime that Kevin Smith is teaming up with Mitch Albom to make adapt the song (below) “Hit Somebody”, by Warren Zevon, in to a feature film.

On September 19th, Smith met with Albom at Joe Louis Arena. That night at his show, Kevin said that one of Mitch Albom’s conditions was that it be shot in Detroit. He went on to say that it’s kind of a no-brainer to “…shoot a hockey movie in Hockeytown”, and that shooting would most likely begin summer 2010.

UPDATE: Kevin sat down with Vanity Fair and talk about “Hit Somebody”. ViewAskew has the good stuff.

Here is the song that inspired the movie:

An Evening With Kevin Smith

kevinsmithticketLast night Kevin Smith lit up the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor. Smith was kicking off his 2009 Fall Tour with a stop in Michigan. The show is based on the successful series of concerts he’s done over the years. They’ve also clearly been influenced and enhanced by SModcast.

Kevin came out on stage appearing as if he just woke from a nap and hurried over from his hotel (which we learn early in the show is pretty accurate). He then proceeded to disrobe and adorn a trench robe, mimicking his signature trench coat. After a slight introduction he started right into the Q&A. The first question was a great way to start the night.

Those show follow Kevin on Twitter were aware that he spent the morning at Joe Louis Arena, the home of the Detroit Red Wings. The first question was if Kevin has any plans to film in Michigan. Kevin then explains that he was at Joe Louis meeting with Mitch Albom discussing his next film, “Hit Somebody”, which he plans on filming in Detroit. So we should suspect to see a lot more of Smith in Michigan next summer.

Smith gets better and better the more he does these shows. He’s funny, but not a comedian. That is a great combo, as his stories are interesting and informative as well as being hilarious. One of the questions involved a guy whom wanted a tattoo of Kevin’s autograph on his forearm. Kevin eventually convinced him the tat should be on his ass-cheek. I hope this doesn’t start a trend. The guys buddy eventually got up and started heckling Kevin…stupid. You don’t heckle a heckler. Even though Kevin handled it well, it kind of ruined the high the show was on at the time.

The highlight of the night was at the end of the show. A woman started her question with, “…as a member of the clergy…”. The genuine reaction as Kevin looked up at her (like a deer in headlights) was priceless. The following exchange between the two was awesome, and illustrated how cool Kevin is, and how cool his genuine fans are. It was the perfect thing to top off the night.

The only downside is that being a SModcast fan, I’ve already heard a few of the stories he told. That said, the way he told them still made me chuckle. I can’t wait until Kevin comes back to Hockeytown.

Have you seen Kevin on this latest tour? Leave your comments below.

For more pictures of the night, check Twitter.

Kevin Smith to Direct Heroes Spinoff

At ComicCon in San Diego last week, it was annouced that Kevin Smith will be writing/directing an episode (possibly the 1st) of Heroes:Origins.

From Kevin Himself at

Yes – I’m directing an episode (maybe the first episode) of the “Heroes” spinoff “Heroes: Origins”. It’s gonna be fun, to say the least. Big thanks to Tim Kring and Jeph Loeb for not only inviting me to play in their sandbox, but to pop in on their panel with the news. I’m a huge fan of the show, and now to be a part of it is pretty amazing.

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