Prison Break…Water, Water, Everywhere…

Prison BreakThis season of Prison Break is progressing much differently than I expected. Things are moving much faster. I really expected it to develop much the way that season #1 did.In season 1, the creators mentioned that they had a 3 season arc for Prison Break: 1-break out, 2-on the run, 3-break out again. It now seems that season 3 will more be a combination of seasons 1 and 2. Micheal only has 1 week to free Whistler, so if they take 1 day = 1 episode, then we have 7 weeks of breaking out. Then, there is the run to save Sara and LJ, as well as the fact that Michael is still a criminal. The remaining 10-15 episodes could either sum up the series or put Michael back in jail.

As much as I like Prison Break, I worry that if they go to a fourth season, it’ll start to get stale…jump the shark so to speak. Who knows, this season could set things in motion that will make continuing the series exciting.

Doctor Sara not returning to Prision Break

Micheal Aussiello at is reporting that Sarah Wayne Callie will not be returning for season 3 of Prision Break.

We already knew that Callies was MIA from the opening credits in the first two episodes and that, for the one scene in which Dr. Sara appeared, a body double was used. But nonetheless, trusting souls that we are, we believed the mom-to-be still had a job. Well, no more. There's a story here, and you're gonna get it.

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