Office Premiere Doesn’t Disappoint

michaelscottThe Thursday premiere of The Office picked up pretty near where it left off last season…Jim and Pam are pregnant, and no one else knows. The official synopsis has:

Today marks the last day of summer interns being in the office, and the staff are making the most of it. Gossip flies as people suspect that two of the interns are hooking up. Michael is feeling left out because he’s the only one who didn’t suspect the affair.

I was uncomfortable only 8 minutes into this season; that is a good sign. The ability to draw you in so much that you fell the discomfort of the characters as Michael mis behaves is a sign of the top notch writing on the show. Was it a perfect episode? No. But a very good start to the season.

This episode provided a look into what The Office is all about. It had outrageous situations (parkour), Micheal overreacting (feeling left out of the gossip, and his remedy of spreading false gossip), and the heart that makes the show more than just another comedy (Jim ‘falling on his sword’). In all it was a very fun episode that kicked off the season nicely.

What did you think?

Updates from “The Office”

There are several updates coming out in regards to the new season of “The Office”. A guest-star from last year is returning, and the main man is staying for the long haul.

Popcrunch reports that Amy Ryan is returning:

Amy Ryan, the Oscar nominated actress who had the meaty role as Michael Scott’s love interest on last season’s finale of The Office, is set to appear again on the series this fall.

Also, TVGasm is reporting Steve Carell is back:

Steve Carell has signed on for at least three more years of playing Michael Scott in The Office.

There is no doubt that keeping Carell is essential to the continued success of “The Office”. He is the core of the ensemble cast, and without him, it would become a different show altogether. Amy Ryan’s character was good, but I’ll miss Toby.

Toby (played by executive producer and writer Paul Lieberstein) was originally not supposed to be a foreground character. As with much of the supporting cast, Lieberstein is a writer on the show. Because his character was loved by the studio, he was thrust further into the foreground.

Holly is an interesting character, and her interactions with Kevin in the finale were terrific. Are you happy to see Holly back? Will you miss Toby?


This weeks The Office was a waste of Steve Carell

The OfficeI believe The Office to be one of the best TV comedies ever to be shown on American television. Last night, they took the stupidity to far. Not since Ryan’s initiation in the beet field has something so utterly stupid occurred. Of course, I am talking about Micheal driving into the lake and subsequent trashing of the client’s office.

The show has always had its silly side, but they took it too far. Micheal is not an idiot, and today they made him one. To be true to his character, he should have had some small bit of success, and acted as if it was huge. Remember, they’ve shown us time and time again that no matter what his faults are, Micheal is a good salesman.

Maybe it’s because they stretched a half-hour episode into an hour. I don’t know, but I hope they do not do this again. Micheal deserves more.