Alanis Morissette: Exile In America


alanis-concert.jpgTonight was another stellar concert by Alanis. This time around, not being the headliner, the set seemed short. But it was still awesome. Two new songs from the forthcoming Flavors of Entanglement, “Underneath” and “Moratorium”. It was a great concert, as her concerts always are. In an article at, she promises a full tour in the fall:

Without a new album to promote, Morissette is using the tour to set the stage for her next release, Flavors of Entanglement, which is due for release in April or May. After that, she’ll think about hitting the road as a headliner in the fall.

“It’s a way to promote a record while having the cushioned support of touring with an established band,” said Morissette from her Los Angeles home.

“That’s a luxury because there’s no pressure on me to have to fill huge venues, plus I get to have fun communally while I’m out there, which is rare. Usually, the promotional side of this business is the most arduous part.”

You know, she doesn’t “have to fill huge venues”. Her music is best enjoyed in a theater setting, not in a stadium. I really wish she would do more intimate venues. Even smaller than the Acoustic tour.