Alanis new Single Released


Alanis Morisette’s new single, “Underneath” was released on iTunes and other places today. It is definitely Alanis style, and very well made. But, I’m curious why this is the first single off the album.

The song is enjoyable, and very much a classic Alanis song. The lyrics are beautiful, and the music is enchanting, but the song is somewhat forgettable. I believe only core Alanis fans will love this song, and that new or casual fans will feel “eh”.

I would have liked to have something with a more mainstream appeal (ala “Eight Easy Steps”) because I believe Alanis deserves more popularity than she has. Her genius songwriting skills, and hypnotic voice could be appreciated by more people. The problem is most her her name and can’t see her a that angry girl from the 90s and haven’t gone back since.

I simply want a chance to see her more. As a non-Matchbox Twenty fan, I absolutely hated having to see her with them. I want an Alanis concert at least once a year, and her to be a headliner.

What I’d like her to do is a small venue tour. Similar to what she did for “Jagged Little Pill Acoustic”, but even smaller. The tickets would be much more expensive, but well worth the price. She only does this in L.A., but it would be awesome.

Of course, the video has been posted to YouTube, and you can pre-order the album, “Flavors of Entanglement”, coming in June.