Alanis To Star In A New Movie


The talented Alanis Morisette has just landed a role in the new movie Radio Free Albernuth based on the Philip K. Dick novel. I don’t know much about the novel, but Cinematical gives us a description of her character:

Alanis is playing Sylvia, “a woman who shows up in the vision of a record label executive named Nick (Scarfe) as a glamorous singer.” But there’s a twist — she’s actually “an ordinary woman in unexpected remission from lymphoma who, after appearing in Nick’s visions, gets a job as his secretary.” Through shared visions and spirituality, they become soul mates. Basically, the typical, funky Alanis fare. I mean, she has been the top holy dog, after all. Morissette says: “I am a big fan of Philip K. Dick’s poetic and expansively imaginative books. I feel blessed to portray Sylvia, and to be part of this story being told in film.”

Like I said, I don’t know anything about the book, and honestly I’m not that familiar with Philip K. Dick, but any chance to see Alanis on the screen is welcome.