Amy Poehler to join the non-spinoff of Office


amypoehlerSNL’s Amy Poehler is lined up to star in what was originally rumored as a spinoff to NBC’s “The Office”. The report from AintItCool is:

The long-planned NBC sitcom from “Office” writer-producers Greg Daniels and Mike “Mose” Schur will not share characters with the Steve Carell series, but will still get the post-“Office” timeslot early next year.

Poehler will star in the new series alongside fellow sketch-show vet Aziz Ansari (“Human Giant”) in the not-spinoff.

Although I don’t like some of the roles that Amy has taken over the years, I do find her talented and very funny. She is one of the very few bright spots left on “Saturday Night Live”, and her departure would hurt the late night show. I believe I’d enjoy the mix of Office writers and Amy Poehler. How about you?