Anna Friel not playing Ferrell love interest?


ANNA FRIELA while back, we reported via SciFi Wire that Anna Friel would be playing Will Ferrell’s love interest in upcoming “The Land Of The Lost” movie. In a panel at the Paley Festival, Anna revealed she will be playing a grown up Holly. Via Sci Fi Wire:

Anna Friel told fans that she plays a grown-up version of Holly in the upcoming live-action film adaptation of Land of the Lost, which she is shooting during her hiatus from ABC’s Pushing Daisies.

“Obviously, the 31-year-old version,” Friel said of her character at a panel for Pushing Daisies in Hollywood on March 15, part of the William S. Paley Television Festival. “Will Ferrell is [Rick] Marshall. And this great guy called Danny McBride is Will. And we all go to this mad world.”

Now I assume that being Holly, she won’t be Ferrell’s love interest any longer if they are “faithful to Sid and Marty Krofft’s 1970s children’s series. As speculated last week, being too faithful to the original series could be a bad thing for LOTL, but only time will tell.