Are we Loosing New Christine?


emilyThe New Adventures of Old Christine started off its 4th season with a very funny episode. Julia is an amazing comic actress; no wonder she was the first one to break the Seinfeld curse. The supporting case also brings in amazing performances that make this one of the most enjoyable sitcoms on to watch.

The season 4 premiere brings the season 3 cliffhangers to very comic closure. The highlights of the night were:

  • Richard waiting outside all night for new Christine
  • Christine’s behavior on the airplane.
  • Richie’s reaction to the entire situation

When it comes to sitcoms, I really like to be surprise. Are we loosing new Christine? Is Emily Rutherfurd leaving? She is an integral part of the ensemble, I’d hate to loose that comedic component of her relationship to the group. The premiere could have been a misdirection, so we’ll wait and see.

Speaking of relationships, the show now boasts a very soapopera-like set of relationships. Christine used to be married to Richard, who is now engaged to Barb, who slept with Matthew and is currently married to Christine. Funny.

I’m looking forward to this season, how about you?