Arthur C. Clarke: 1917-2008


clarke2001: A Space Odyssey was one of the novels that drew me to science fiction as a child. I read it at a very young age, and it drew me right in.Arthur C. Clarke is one of the greatest authors of a millennia, and he will be missed. MTVs MoviesBlog has:

My God, the obits today are full of stars. Celebrated author and science-fiction legend Arthur C. Clarke died today at his Sri Lanka home from apparent breathing problems. He was 90.

“Someone asked me, how would I like to be remembered,” he said in a 90th birthday address last December. “I want to be remembered most as a writer, one who entertained readers and hopefully stretched their imaginations as well.”

He inspired a generation of readers and writers. There are many a successful author that can point to Clarke as an inspiration and/or role model. He will be remembered for generations.