Barry Williams inteview in 16 Magazine from 1977


The Brady Bunch is Back
The information in this article is over 20 years old, and cannot be considered current.
Barry Williams - 16 Magazine

At 22, Barry plays the oldest of the Brady boys, “Greg.” Barry has been working very hard since The Brady Bunch series went off the air (there are still reruns, of course). He wanted to find out what it was like being on his own-so he wrote and produced his own act which he performed at California’s famous Knotts Berry Farm. He didn’t like it very much at all! So when he was asked to join a road company doing an 80-city tour of the show Pippin, he was absolutely overjoyed!

And, as luck would have it, Barry was able to join the Broadway production of Pippin-a very prestigious move indeed! It was while doing the Broadway show that Barry received the phone call asking him if he wants to do a Bradys special. After doing Pippin and some commercials, Barry was skeptical about this new prospect- “I was in New York doing other things and besides, I couldn’t see how they’d do it. A variety show is a very difficult medium and very different from what we used to do as Bradys and I was afraid they’d just try to redo what we’d already done and I didn’t want any part of that.” Luckily, the producers were able to convince Barry that the new variety series would be fresh and crisp and a fantastic showcase for the individual talents of the group-so he flew right back to Los Angeles!

Now that he’s home, Barry has returned to work on the series and to the life in the sun which he loves-lots of swimming, jogging, surfing, volleyball, and softball. All of these outdoor activities are keeping green-eyed Barry a trim 155 pounds (at 5’11”, he’s also the tallest Brady). Barry has a lovely place on the beach in California and he’s not working or taking in the sun, he loves to spend a quiet evening with a friend and friends listening to Elton John records or watching Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show. When he goes out, his fave movie is any movie that stars Dustin Hoffman or Mae West. And just in case you’re interested, he likes his girls intelligent, confident, creative, and very feminine- “I guess some might consider me a male chauvinist,” says Barry, “but I love to open doors and take girls out and be the provider.” So who’s complaining-right, girls?!