Believe It Or Not! A Greatest American Hero Movie

The Greatest American Hero
The Greatest American Hero

I don’t care what anybody says, The Greatest American Hero was an awesome show. It was perfect for the 80s, and I still can’t help but enjoy it even now. Over at Film Junk they have this (via

According to, there is a Greatest American Hero movie slated to start shooting in July 2008 in Arizona. The movie will be produced by series creator Stephen J. Cannell and Michael Dubelko (The Tooth Fairy), and brought to us by the same writer-director team behind Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure! Director Stephen Herek was also responsible for such classics as Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead, The Mighty Ducks and Rock Star starring Mark Wahlberg.

I agree with FilmJunk, it is strange that we are just now hearing about a movie that starts shooting in 6 months. But, I’m still excited to see Ralph brought back. A movie adaptation would even be more credible. The only thing that bugs me about the old series is that after 3 seasons he didn’t get much better at using the suit. A 2 hour movie allows the bumbling to continue throughout.

This is exciting. I can’t wait.