Big Love, Big Family Secrets


Thursday night on HBO, two <i>Big Love</i> specials were shown.  They originally aired on June 25th.  <i>Big Love, Big Secrets</i> is a behind the scenes show that includes interviews with the cast and crew, as well interviews from actual members of plural-marriage families.

It was very interesting hearing a comment on Big Love from actual polygamists.  They seem to have a problem with the depiction of sex in the marriage, as "sex is only for procreation", but otherwise seem to enjoy the show.  The special is enjoyable, as a fan of the show.  It was also really interesting hearing the actor's take on their characters.  If you missed it, I would recommend it when it re-runs.

The second special, <i>Big Love, Family Go Figure</i>, was different.  This special was more of a short documentary on polygamy using Big Love as a backdrop.  It had much of the same interviewees, but was different in tone.

This one was less interesting.  It was very heavy on the dark side of polygamy, where as the first one was more even.  I'd recommend skipping it if you were expecting something relevant to the series.

July 7 & 10th on HBO2
July 12th & 17th on HBO

Has anyone else seen them? What did you think?