Big Love, Big Trouble


    Rhonda Volmer started out as a fairly innocuous character in season 1 of Big Love. She seemed to be there only to remind us of the tragedy of polygamy, and to further cement Roman's evilness. Now, Rhonda has become a major player in the series. She seems to be responsible for most of the Henrickson's problems; Barb's exposure, increased tensions between Roman and Bill, and now even further scrutiny of the family.



    I still haven't exactly figured out Rhonda's end game, if she has one. She is only 15 after all. But, she is very good at manipulating everyone from Roman to Barb to get what she wants. Nicki was right after all. Rhonda has been the catalyst over the last few episodes. Barb's exposure at the Governor's mansion pales in comparison to the damage Rhonda has caused by simply lying to the Tuttle's.


    What is Rhonda really trying to accomplish? Is it Barb's fault for trying to convert her from the compound? Is this a good direction for the show?