Big Love: Circle the Wagons


Big Love is really gearing up.  Last night's episode was amazing.  Over the last few weeks it seemed like they were trying to cram too much into a single episode, but last night was great.  A single over-arching story (Bill dealing with Alby and UEB after Roman's shooting), with supporting storylines that made the episode. gave this synopsis: 

With Margene holding the swing vote on Weber Gaming, Bill decides to take his wives to see for themselves how the "other half" lives.

Spoilers Below

I can't say how much I really enjoyed this episode.  It was the kind of episode that made me a Big Love fan in the first place.  The big story was supported and driven by the inter-family relationships.  More each week, I'm starting to realize what incredible actors these women are.  Chloe and Ginnifer were exceptional this week, which made the episode that more enjoyable.

After this weeks episode, I'm left to wonder if Barb would consider divorce from Bill.  We've seen over that last few weeks that her motivation for being in the plural-marriage is her love for Bill.  As Bill begins to betray her, little by little, her love for him seems to weaken.  He was caught in a huge manipulation this week.  As I've mentioned before, one of this season's themes has been "why do these women stay in this marriage"; it appears that Barb is asking herself that every day.

At first I was upset on the amount of attention they were giving to the Sarah/Scott relationship.  Now, I believe they are saving that potential problem for next season.  I've been pleased with how it has been touched on little by little in each episode.

Alby is The Prophet? Did Margene sway Barb with her speech?  Will Bill loose Home Plus?  Will Bill loose a wife?  If Roman recovers, what does that mean for Alby's new calling?