Big Love: Damage Control


The second season of Big Love got off to a good start.  Just as I expected, Nicki is starting to act as 1st wife, as Barb becomes reclusive and pulls away from the family (what's with the crossword puzzles?).  Chloe Sevigny is excellent showing Nicki's real concern and love for the family, while at the same time her sneakiness in taking more control.  The initial scene when she takes Barb's chair at the table was great.

Barb has started to resent Bill for pulling her into the plural-marriage.  With all the troubles between the sister-wives last season, Barb never once questioned her life.  But now, a fight with Bill, where he 'pulls rank' on her, causes her to begin to regret her life decisions.  It is also now evident that Barb is the glue that holds the family together.  When she shows up at Pam and Carl's, she does it for her family, not for Bill.

Just as Bill thought he was ahead of Roman, things start to change.  Roman threatens Joey by suggesting he will reassign Wanda, and bribes him with the promise of a new, young wife.  That was one of those scenes that not only creeps you out, but causes you to question Roman's motivations.  Is Roman's interest in Bill purely financial?  Or, in his mind, is there a spiritual reason?  And why would he give Nicki a gun?  Speaking of the gun.  Mary Kay Place (Adaleen) was awesome in the matter-of-fact delivery of the 'present from daddy'.

Another story-line that just seems to be getting started is Sara starting to leave the fold.  Even though she used a fake name (Lori), I don't think her identity will stay a secret for long.  She says that she doesn't have anyone else to talk to, but what about Heather Tuttle?  

It was a terrific start to the season, and really moved the story in a new direction.  It'll be interesting to see what happens next with Barb wanting to leave the lifestyle, but not wanting to leave the family.  Also, Sara's continued break from 'the principle'.  We haven't even touched on Margene's pregnancy yet.

What do you think?  What is Roman really up to?  Who outed the family?  Any other thoughts on the episode?