Big Love: Dating Game


This week on Big Love, many things changed for the family. HBO.COM gives us:

This week, having uncovered Bill's romantic secret, Margene befriends an unsuspecting Ana, then arranges lunch with (the unequally unsuspecting) Barb and Nicki at the diner to introduce them to their prospective sister-wife. Bill tries to get a reluctant Don to embrace his Weber Gaming deal; later, he discusses his attraction to Ana with several fellow polygamists.

Spoilers Below

I really felt sorry for Margene in this episode. Bill thought her the least likely to receive a 4th wife, and she was more exited than he was. When Margene first suspected the courting (<i>Vision Thing</i>), her reaction was of jealousy. But again, the way she handled the situation shows her continued growth at being the strongest, most stable of the sister-wives. I wonder if it was Margene's "inappropriate attachment", as voiced by Nicki, or Bill's true feelings that caused him to dismiss Ana. Because of the way it ended, I don't expect we have seen the last of Ana.


The emergence of the 'Mormon Mafia' is an interesting twist to the show. Bill has a deadlier adversary to deal with now in Hollis Green. With Bill now in the middle of Green and Grant, things seem to be getting serious. For a man with 3 wives, trying to keep a low profile, he seems to be going out of his way to get into trouble. Could this put Roman and Bill on the same side again?


What did you think of Ana? What direction is the Roman/Bill/Hollis relationship going?