Big Love: Good Guys and Bad Guys


Potential Spoilers 

The synopsis for Monday's episode is:

Margene's dysfunctional past is illuminated when her mother Ginger pays a visit to the Henricksons. After the truth about her marriage is revealed, Margene is shocked when Ginger turns her back on her–and embraces Nicki instead. At the Juniper Creek compound, Lois is shocked when Frank returns from his exile to lay claim on her fortune, proving he's not yet given up on blackmail and bullying tactics. With tensions at a fever pitch as federal agents close in on the fugitive polygamist leader Orlean Abbot, Bill plays a dangerous end-game to land Weber Gaming, pitting Roman against the Greenes and vice-versa. To save Bill from added stress, Barb agrees to collect a discharged Wanda from the hospital, but must spend an unsettling night at the compound waiting for Joey's return. Sarah's boyfriend Scott comes forward to tell Bill about Alby's stalking, sending Bill into a rage. Barb stands up to Roman, who calls an emergency UEB board meeting in the wake of the most recent power play by the Greenes.

It was cute to see Margene interacting with her mother. Again, Margene did the oversell when it came to introducing Barb and Nicki. So much so that she latched on to Nicki even after the reveal. I wonder how much of Margene's relationship with her mother plays into her behavior of making 'inappropriate attachment to women'.
Barb's breakdown honestly surprised me. I was happy for her that when she had the opportunity to confront Roman, she did. Her prayer at the end leads me to think that she is still struggling with being a polygamist. Again, she demonstrates that she genuinely loves and cares for Bill and his family, which seems to be her only reason for living "The Principle".
The major story arch is heating up, and I finally find myself truly interested in Bill's business dealings. As I suspected, Bill is playing both sides; the Greenes and Roman. I still don't understand his motivations, what HIS endgame is, but he seems to genuinely believe what he is doing is just ("We're the good guys"). I am still curious how the fugitive Orlean Abbot fits into the story. Is he involved with the Greenes? Or is he a MacGuffin?
What I didn't like about the episode was the offhanded way the Alby/Sarah situation was handled. Bill abruptly finds out his daughter is dating an older man, and that Alby is stalking her, to which he has an appropriate response. But I think the events should have been saved for an episode in which it could have been given better attention. The only carryover into other events was Alby's noticeable bruising.
In all it was an enjoyable episode, but seemed to be one of those filler episodes that is just bridging the gap. Any thoughts?