Big Love: Inside the Scene


The HBO site for Big Love has an interesting feature called Inside The Scene. This feature is a blog of sorts that dissects pivotal scenes in the weeks episode. This past week, it covers the scene in which Ben confronts Bill and Barb about his desire to marry Brinn.

In a scene ostensibly between a mother and her son, the real conversation is with someone else. Writer Lance Black explains.

This was a big scene last week.  It really showed the regrets Barb has about living The Principle.  The article covers the subtext of the scene; that is was really a conversation between Barb and Bill, and how they are going to raise Barb's kids.  It is obvious to the viewer that Barb does not want her kids to be polygamists, but did Bill catch on?  Go over and read the article and let us know what you think.