Big Love : Kingdom Come


The 20th episode of Big Love was an event-filled episode. The synopsis gives:

Stressed out from the Weber deal and exhausted by Margene's sexual appetite, Bill proposes that he take a night off from the wives every seventh day.

Spoilers Below

The HBO synopsis this week didn't even scratch the surface. Last week I felt as it was a transition episode, but this week was over-filled with events and revelations. I'm starting to think that they have started to many story lines to do justice to them all. It seems to be a 20 episode season crammed into 12, as supported by the over 4 minute "Previously on Big Love" at the front of the episode. Big Love is starting to feel like Lost without the Sci-Fi.

One of the main themes this season has been the differences evident in the sister-wives, why are each of them in the plural-marriage, and why Bill chose each of them. In this episode, it became obvious to viewers and some of the characters thatMargene (the "bad girl") is Bill's "sex toy". While Nicki (the "good girl") is Bill's anchor to The Principle, and Barb is his confidant/partner. It painted a new picture of Bill and his practice of The Principle, which to me made him seem less noble. As theATF agent said, "…you can't just wrap it up in God and make it ok".

The season long story arc involving Bill, Roman, Weber Gaming, and Hollis Greene came to a head with Hollis on the run, Bill's 'betrayal' exposed, Frank finding out, and Roman being shot. The Greene's seemed pretty easily disposed of, apart from the Roman shooting. I expect that Bill will be dealing with them for awhile, into next season. I don't believe Roman is going to die, but if he did, does it open the door for Bill to be The Prophet?

Again, too much happened to discuss in one post, but I still enjoyed the episode, and continue to enjoy the show. But, is it getting bloated withstory-lines? Do you like the direction the family is going? Is Roman really dead?