Big Love: Margene and Ben


So, they toyed with us for a few episodes. They've alluded that Margene and Ben might get together, especially in the promos. Even so far as having Ben discuss Margene's 'hotness' with Jason. Well, we found out on Monday that it isn't going to happen, that Margene has only mother-son love for Ben.

The reason I bring this up is to ask the question: Why would they bring this to such a screeching halt so soon?

It seemed that they would stretch it out longer; it seemed that they were setting it up to be a season long arc.   I thought I'd like to see it go on longer, but after Margene gave her speech ("'re gross…") I realized that I prefer it this way. I don't think it would have been a good direction for the show to take.  Now, in retrospect, I feel insulted that they were toying with the idea.  The Henrickson family is just not like that.  If ANYthing close would have happened, Margene would have been banished, and Ben would have been completely broken.

Now, that doesn't mean that Ben won't have feelings for Margene in the future, but a least we know Margene isn't thinking that way.

Well, was it good that they nipped it now?  Should they have let it go on longer?  Or, should Margene go for it?