Big Love: Margene Answers Questions


Each week, Margene ( or most likely an assistant producer acting as Margene ) blogs about her life in the Big Love universe. If you want to stay 100% spoiler free, then I suggest you don't read it as she sometimes hints at upcomingstorylines. This week, she answers questions posed by her regular readers. One in particular that caught my eye was the following:

A lot of people ask things about Nicki and one person even said they even wished Nicki had a blog. Well, keep dreaming. That ain’t gonna happen. But, I wish she would too because then she could answer some of your questions about her. She was married once before, but I don’t know ANY of the details about it because she’s as tight lipped about that as anybody I’ve ever seen.

Nicki was married once before? Did I miss something, or is this the first time we've heard of this? Sometimes these online blogs don't have any bearing on the actual show, but Margene's blog always seems to be relevant. If this is a new nugget of the Big Love tale, I would really like to see it explored more on the show. Nicki has become somewhat one-dimensional this season and a storyline about her previous marriage would be interesting. What is your take?