Big Love: Nell Heffman


NellWell, it’s been a quiet hiatus for HBO’s Big Love. We now have a glimmer of news from Margene Heffman herself. There are pictures (ultrasound) of the next member of the family, Nell. I can’t remember if we knew the baby was a girl, and her name was going to be Nell. So this could be spoilery. She also gives insite into future posts.

I’ll give more of a family update next time. I just wanted to say hello, I’m sorry, and I’m back. I hope that’s ok. Roman’s trial is starting in the next few months so that’s got everyone on edge, but Bill wants us to try to stay out of it all?which is hard on Nicki and easy on me. But, again, I’ll get into all of that next time.

I hope that they continue to update the blog this off-season. It is a great way to keep die-hard fans interested in the show during the long Hiatus. I’m still waiting for news of Season 3 production. It was rumored to be rushed because of the impending writer’s strike, so I would expect we should be hearing something soon.

Margene’s blog hints at Roman’s trial. I really do hope that they don’t spend the bulk of next season on the trial. I’d much rather see more character evolution from the rest of the family.