Big Love Prequels on Sunday


Awhile back I posted about the prequel that introduces Margene, Meet the Babysitter. Well, this weekend HBO gives us all three prequels in Big Love: In The Beginning, for those of us who don't have Comcast on Demand.

The other 2 vignettes are Post-partum Depression and Moving Day.

Potential Spoilers

Postpartum Depression, is set five years before season one and shows Nicki worrying about her place in the family after giving birth.

Moving Day, set 14 months prior to season 1, shows the sister-wives trying to convince Bill that they need 3 separate houses because of the growing family.

It would be great to have an entire flashback episode so that we can see more of the family before all three wives married in. I'd really like to see Bill and Barb before the plural marriage and/or when they made the decision to marry Nicki. Granted, they do give us bits and pieces of the pre-Big Love life of the family via conversations between characters, but tidbits like these vignettes give a very much desired look into the lives of the Henricksons.

Who knows, maybe we'll get more pre-season 3.

Big Love: In The Beginning airs Sunday, June 24 @ 7:45PM ET.