Big Love: Reunion


Monday night, Bill and Nicki take a visit back to the compound. The summary from is:

Bill and Nicki drive to Juniper Creek for a family reunion–and a council vote that Bill hopes to leverage against Roman in the case against Joey. Arriving at Lois's cabin, they are surprised to find her brother Eddie in residence, overseeing Lois's new laundromat investment.

Last season, Nicki was my favorite sister-wife. But, this season, Margene has become my favorite. Again, she shines in this episode.

Possible spoilers below

I still don't have a solid understanding for why Bill and Roman hate each other so much. Also, did you notice how both Bill and Roman use Nicki to get at one another? She seems to be catching on, as evident in her facial expressions. There were many aspects to this episode, but Margene was the best part.

Barb and Nicki sometimes treat Margie like kid, not a sister-wife, and she doesn't deserve it. She is a good mom, and a good wife. She seems to be the only one who can handle every situation that arrives. From the event at the governor's mansion, to the compound, she seems to keep it together. When she stood up to Barb, and refused to go 'shopping', I almost cheered. That was an excellent scene for Ginnifer Goodwin (Margene).

Big Love just keeps getting better and better every week. If you're not watching this show, you don't know what you are missing.