Big Love: Rock and a Hard Place


This week, Big Love steps up the complications for the Henrickson family. Allot happened this week. I've watched it twice, and I still don't think I got everything. The synopsis at gives us:

This week, Bill's anxieties over his upcoming testimony in Joey's case are compounded by the presence of Rhonda, who threatens to blackmail Nicki into letting her stay with the Henricksons. Suspicious that Nicki and Bill orchestrated Rhonda's disappearance, Roman sends a couple of Juniper Creek cops to the Henricksons with a warrant, but Don helps ferry the girl to safety.

Spoilers Below
There were so many events that seemed significant in this episode.

  • Uncle Eddie's growing involvement.
  • Adaleen destroying the tape
  • Adaleen banishing Nicki
  • Rhonda's disappearance
  • Sara's new boyfriend
  • Nicki's revelation to the family about Roman
  • The slot machine deal
  • Alby's behavior

Nicki was great in this episode, back to the complexities that made her my favorite character. She so often finds herself in the middle, protecting her family and her father. This time, strangely, it was not Roman and Bill, but Roman and Rhonda playing her against each other. It was also good to see Margene continue her growth as she was the voice of logic in Nicki's confused situation.
I really liked Wanda in this episode also. I'm glad she doesn't go to jail, because her character has allot of potential for fun in the series. This week, she shows that she's not as clueless as everyone thinks she is, in her discussion with Bill on the phone, and her dealings with Lois. Wanda gets the best line of the episode with the matter-of-fact delivery of, "This is your mother's. She was going to shoot the D.A.".

The scenes between the wives were extra good, being that they weren't the main focus of the episode. All the wives seem to be going through a change this season: Margene is growing up, Nicki is growing out of the compound, and Barb is refocusing her goal to 'save' her children from plural marriage.

What did you enjoy about the episode?