Big Love Season 2 Premiere Tonight


Tonight is the season premiere of Big Love on HBO.  

The synopsis on gives us:

In the aftermath of her "Mother of the Year" exposure at the Governor's mansion, Barb retreats into her own world, leaving Nicki and Margene to take up the slack. Hell-bent on learning who betrayed the family, Bill gathers evidence against Home Plus employee Wendy, and gives Don an ultimatum to get rid of her. Having nearly succumbed to Wanda's poisoning, Alby urges Roman to take revenge against Joey and Bill. Continuing to track suspects, Bill makes dinner plans with neighbors Carl and Pam Martin, but Barb wants no part in the evening. Meanwhile, Wanda faces an inquisition at Juniper Creek, and Joey feels the squeeze from Roman, despite Bill's assurances that Roman will drop his charges in the wake of a state investigation. At home, Sarah meets an older suitor named Scott at an ex-Mormon meeting.

Reports are that this season picks up approximately 2 weeks after last season's finale.  Barb becomes reclusive after the embarrassment of being exposed, which should cause Nicki to start acting a little more like first-wife.  Shaking up the wives' dynamic would be a nice twist.

It's the interpersonal relationships between the characters that make this show so good.  Even though it is important, I hope that they don't spend too much time on Bill trying to find the one who betrayed the family.  

We shall see tonight!