Big Love Season Finale


 In a season finale that could have been a series finale, Big Love wrapped up last night. The synopsis gives us:

This week, Bill resorts to a new tack to try to bring down his nemeses. Preparing for the festivities surrounding Salt Lake City's Pioneer Week parade, the Henricksons are rocked by the appearance of an unexpected guest. Margene comes clean to Ana about her relationship with "Phil" and then takes up her cause with her sisterwives–and Bill.


No cliffhanger? That was my first reaction. I've been so accustomed to cliff hangers in season-enders that it felt strange not to have one. But, it was nice to have many of the numerous open storylines come to a close. I'm glad Barb didn't leave, but instead reasserted herself as 'boss lady'. Who would have guested that Adaleen would provide Barb with the advice that she needed. Though the speech to Pam was supposed to be Barb's big scene, Margene stole it away with the huge gaping expressing on her face.

The revelation that Lois had been the mastermind behind Wanda's attempted murder spree was anti-climactic. I didn't expect that Wanda was going to poison Roman, and it appears that they've closed the door on it. The Wanda sub-plot was a very entertaining this season, it is too bad it appears to be over. Evil Lois is a compelling character and we might get to see her more often in season 3.

As Don Embry said, Bill "pulled it off". I was a little to neat for me; I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop in the last 2 minutes. It appears they want to start next season with a semi-clean slate. With the family now being more public, will Sara now feel more of the strain? Will Bill and Ben have problems at work? Will the Embry's get outed? Is Alby crazier than his father? In all it was a good ending to a terrific season.