Big Love: Take Me As I Am


This week, Big Love comes to us a day early. The penultimate episode for season 2 was another solid episode packed with nearly every storyline possible. gives the following synopsis:

This week, Bill makes Alby a tempting offer in the wake of Nicki's disclosure about Weber Gaming. Barb learns that her mother Nancy is getting remarried, and decides to use the occasion to try to make peace with her estranged family–and provide traditional guidance to Ben.

Potential Spoilers

What hit me about this episode was the way they completely took you 180 degrees from where they've been leading you. Sara warming up to the idea of being in a plural relationship, going as far as asking Nicki for advice. I loved Nicki's response; basically telling Sara to become a tease. Although Sara's speech to Bill was cold and unexpected. I felt sorry for Bill, I couldn't imagine hearing such hurtful words from my daughter.

They built the tension for the confrontation at the wedding very well. I felt every inch of tension in those scenes, as much as dreading the outcome myself. Everything this season has led me to believe that Barb would leave the family if she was confronted with it. Now, withMargene changing her tune from not staying in the marriage without Barb, to "just let her leave", I was sure that they were setting up for her to tell her mother she was leaving. But instead, she admitted that she is in the marriage for herself, not Bill.

I will admit, not knowing much if anything about Mormonism, much of the conversations in the driveway at the wedding confused me. I was unable to interpret what Barb and her mother meant when they were speaking to each other at the end (the symbolism, not the words). It was her "final test", but test for what? For salvation? For her marriage? Either way, EllenBurstyn was excellent as Barb mother, and I hope we see more of her next season.

This season ending tragedy is gearing up to make last year's BeeHive incident seem very tame. Bill's made of mess of his family and his business. Can it get any worse?