Big Love: The Happiest Girl


This weeks Big Love touched on all this seasons hot topics. synopsis gives:

This week, rebuffed by Barb, Bill asks Margene to accompany him to a Bar Owner's trade convention. Alby realizes that Juniper Creek has been robbed, and thinks he knows by whom.

Each week I get more and more excited about this terrific show. All three wives were very much in the forefront for the entire episode. Usually I have a favourite, but this week Barb, Nicki & Margene were excellent.

(Potential Spoilers)

I really believe that they are gearing up for Barb to leave (or threaten to leave) the family, and take Sarah and Teeny with her. Barb is ashamed of her lifestyle, which was emphasized when Bill 'came out' at the bar convention. For Barb, I believe that the impact that polygamy has on her kids is really what is pushing her away. If Sarah opens up to Barb after her discussion with the social worker this week, I think that would push her over the edge.

I've tried to stay spoiler free for the most part, so I could be way off. What do you think? Will Barb leave the family this season? It would be an interesting season finale, and we could start next season with Nicki acting as first wife.