“Birds of Prey” coming to DVD


birdsofprey_compl_adBack in the early days of “Smallville”, The WB tried their hands to bring Gotham City to the small screen. There attempt was “Birds Of Prey“.

“Birds Of Prey” is loosely based on the comic book of the same name. The show followed the adventures of Oracle, formerly Batgirl. She’s been crippled, and confined to a wheelchair. She teams up with Huntress. Huntress is the daughter of Batman and Catwoman, Helena. She is a “metahuman”, getting her powers from her mother (i.e. the Burton Catwoman). To round out the trio is Dinah Redmond, the daughter of “The Black Canary” (played in one episode by Markie Post). She is also a ‘metahuman’, and joins Oracle and Huntress fighting crime in a Batman-less Gotham city.

Yes, this was a poorly written show, but it had so much potential. The concept was a winner, but it just wasn’t given enough freedom to explore the mythos. Because of various Batman projects that were in the works, BoP was limited on what it could explore. Had WB just let it be in a separate universe (as they did for “Smallville”), it could have had a much richer story. Although Joker appears in the pilot, it is in voice only and voiced most excellently by Mark Hamill (who voiced Joker for years in animated series).

I plan on picking up these DVDs even though I found many flaws in the series. I really liked the attempt and wish they would revisit the premise again (minus the meta-humans). BoP holds up better than some current episodes of “Smallville”. Also, when “Smallville” had the opportunity to bring in Black Canary, they completely blew it.

“Birds of Prey” is currently available for pre-order.