Blast From The Past: Mad Movies


Before “Mystery Science Theater 3000” there was “Mad Movies with the L.A. Connection“. This was a favorite show of our family when I was a kid. This article at TVSquad brought back some fond memories.

The show in question was called Mad Movies with the LA Connection.

I remember watching this show in syndication and really enjoying it. It’s important to note that this show premiered before Mystery Science Theater 3000 and was performed in front of a movie theater full of people. While MST3K may have been funnier, there was less snarkiness in the Mad Movies.

In 1985, my best friend got a VCR with an “audio dub” button. We proceeded to do our own ‘Mad Movies’ and show them to friends and family. My favorite was our “Star Wars” dub over the ON TV recording.

The TVSquad article says that they are available on DVD, but in reality only a couple of the movies are available. I’d like to see a release of all of the 26 half-hour episodes. Until then, you can watch many of them on the L.A. Connection website.

I’ll end with a clip.