Book Review: Ancestor


What began as an online audio book has become an excellent novel by Scott Sigler. Mad scientists, secret agents, and ex-Military businessmen make this the most thrilling novel I’ve ever read.

The story really keeps you on the edge of your seat. The main characters are all flawed, but sympathetic. They good guys are not actually ‘good guys’, but are worthy of support in the light of the ‘bad guys’. Once I started reading it was difficult to put it down.

What is most memorable about the story was the sheer intensity of the scenes. This is one of those rare books that would translate almost word for word into movie or television. The action is well written, and keeps the thrill ride going. Even the ‘slow’ scenes didn’t forget the overall tension in the story.

The reading of this novel is nothing short of enjoyable. The locations are few but amazingly diverse. Scott manages to make northern Michigan an interesting place for the story to take place. I have yet to listen to the audio book, but plan on it soon. I would reccommend reading the book first as it does well to spark your imagination.