Box Office Failure – DVD Success


Today I was reading a post over at AMC Theaters writer John Campea’s blog. In the post, John asks why Simon Pegg movies don’t have box office draw.

…with the opening of “PAUL” this past weekend we have the continuation of a disturbing trend. In North America, people just don’t go out of their way to see Simon Pegg on screen… at all

I started thinking about not only Simon Pegg movies, but the bulk of movies that find success only on DVD. The two I picked for this discussion are Shaun of the Dead and Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Both are movies that were a disappointment at the box office, but has had huge success on DVD. Think… 9 out of 10 people you know has seen these movies and enjoyed them, but maybe 1 of them saw it in the theater.

I started to formulate an opinion once I went back to watch the Paul trailer. Like Shaun and Miri before, I noticed that the way Paul was marketed almost asked you to wait for the DVD. I then went back to the Shaun and Miri trailers and saw the same thing. The tone of the trailers are such that it doesn’t give you the desire to see soon, or at the theaters. The tone of the trailer is no different than a SyFy movie or straight to DVD film. When I first saw the trailer to “Paul” I actually said to my wife, “I can’t wait to see that on DVD”.

I’m not saying this is the reason, no one can understand the proclivities of the movie-going public, but I believe it’s part of the cause. What do you think? Does the tone of the trailer have something to do with the lack of box office success?