Brady Hour Episode 5

This Episode Guide written by Tony Hill (used by permission)Air Date:March 28, 1977
Taped:March 8-9, 1977 at KTLA Studios
Guests:Rich Little, Edgar Bergen, Melanie
Also appearing:Van Snowden, and characters from the world of Sid & Marty Krofft

Musical number (without Marcia), “I’ve Got the Music in Me” (Boshell) Note: Maureen McCormick does not appear, but her voice is on the soundtrack. If you listen closely, you will hear Maureen’s solos coming out of Susan Olsen’s mouth.

Greg suggests the family make a movie. The others suggest possible titles. The Bradys then fight over who will play what part.

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The Bradys (once again without Marcia), dressed as scarecrows, sing “Consider Yourself” (Bart), assisted by a bird of the Krofft family known as “Cher Crow” which is a parody of Cher.

Jan, Bobby, and Cindy move in front as the curtain closes to do a sketch introducing Edgar Bergen. Jan and Cindy can’t pronounce “ventriloquist”. Bergen teaches the kids how to say things without moving their lips. Bergen then uses Bobby as a dummy. Finally, Bergen does a sketch with Mortimer Snerd.

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Merrill introduces this sketch: The Bunch rehearses Rich Little’s introduction. The kids are in the pool. Merrill introduces Rich Little. He dives into the pool and collides with Cindy. He now as amnesia.

Dissolve to:

Back home, Cindy is feeling guilty about Little’s amnesia. Little’s wife calls from Canada where she’s visiting Rich’s parents. Marcia suddenly appears in the episode, and Bobby makes jokes about Cindy’s head. Alice and Little return to the Brady house together, and Little cannot remember anything. Little then runs through various impersonations in an effort to find out who he is. Little grabs Cindy and shakes her violently at one point. Mike continually tries to persuade Little to lie down, Carol laments about the situation.

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Bergen and Charlie McCarthy introduce this sketch: Mike works on architecture while Carol watches. Alice reports that Little is keeping Greg awake. Cindy is still agonizing about the accident. Little comes in. He thinks Mike and Carol are his parents.

Dissolve to:

Little and the Brady children play a game. Merrill shows up pretending to be a shrink. He examines Little. Little gets the idea to swim in the ocean. Mike drags him back in. Little’s memory has returned. Having been bumped by Little’s dive, Merrill thinks he’s a Brady child.

Dissolve to:

Peter says he doesn’t want Melanie to see him get thrown in the pool. Instead, Greg and Peter throw Mike in the pool. They introduce Melanie. (Trivia: Melanie’s full name is Melanie Safka)

Musical number, “Cyclone” (Safka) (Melanie)

(commercial break)

Musical number, “Beautiful Noise.” (Diamond) (Carol)

Dissolve to:

(Note: The following sketch was cut from the version of this episode that aired on TV Land in June, 1998)

Carol narrates a parody sketch based on the story of Pinnochio. Alice appears as an old woman by the name of Apple Annie. Peter enters as Pinnochio, the wooden boy/son carved by Apple Annie. He makes a wish to be a real boy. His Fairy Godmother promises his wish will be granted once he proves himself worthy.

Merill appears as Stromboli, famous motion picture director, and persuades Pinnochio to make a movie. Apple Annie warns Pinnochio not to tell a lie or his nose will grow. Greg and Marcia appear as classic, self-absorbed Hollywood movie stars Lance Lust and Leena Malemauler. Pinnochio is cast as a guard to the Tomb of Sousa in the movie “Curse of the Mummy’s Camel”. Lance and Leena act out a melodramatic scene. Apple Annie interrupts the filming, and Pinnochio becomes a real boy when he risks his life to save his mother from a death dart being shot at Lance by Leena. Pinnochio’s metal armor deflects the dart and saves the day. Now that Pinnochio is a real boy, he asks Apple Annie for the keys to her car so he can Ease On Down the Road.

Musical number, “Ease on Down the Road” (Smalls) (Alice, Peter, Greg, Marcia, Merrill)

Peter, Marcia and Greg introduce the finale of movie songs:

“That’s Entertainment” (Dietz/Schwartz) (Mike & Carol)
“Pinball Wizard” (Townshend) (Greg and Brady Kids)
“Pink Panther Theme” (Mancini) (Instrumental) (Note: This was cut from the version that aired on TV Land in June, 1998)
“For All We Know” (Wilson/Karlin/James) (Carol)
“Live and Let Die” (McCartney/McCartney) (Brady Kids)
“Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” (Sherman/Sherman) (Merrill, Alice & Rich Little)
“Over the Rainbow” (Harburg/Arlen) (Melanie)
“That’s Entertainment” (Schwartz/Dietz) (all)

(Commercial break)

The Bradys are glad Rich Little got his memory back, and joke about Mike’s greying hair. The guests are thanked for appearing. Bobby thanks Jack’s Pool Service, because without him there would be green gunk all over the pool. Carol is grossed out. The Bradys say goodnight.

The Bradys sing “United We Stand.” (Hiller/Simmons)