Brady Hour Episode 7


Air Date:April 25, 1977
Taped:March 29-30, 1977 at KTLA Studios
Guests:The What’s Happenin’ Kids, Rip Taylor, Rick Dees
Also appearing:Patty Maloney, Mike Kagen, Bruce Vilanch

Opening number, “Get Ready” (Robinson) (all)

Greeting sketch in which the Bradys decribe the Water Follies and Krofftettes- who they are and what they do. The guests are introduced.

(Commercial break)

Musical number, “Walk Right In” (Cannon/Woods) (Mike, Carol, Greg, Peter, Marcia)

Curtain closes. Mike and Carol look through her old high school year book. The two wonder how it is different for the Brady kids going to school at the ABC television studio.

Dissolve to:

The Brady kids lament on how much they hate school, especially at the studio. Merrill enters ringing a school bell, he is their substitute teacher. Bobby teases him. The What’s Happenin’ kids show up because their classroom is closed for the week. They join the Brady kids. A studio guard enters carrying a very angry woman he believes to be a Brady child, instead it turns out to be a little person (midget) and the mother of four children. Cindy assures the guard she is not a child but an actress by the name of Patty Maloney. Peter invites the What’s Happenin’ kids to be on the Brady Bunch Hour. Bobby says for them to come over to the Brady house to discuss the details. Rerun asks what’s for dinner and Dee makes some sarcastic jokes about his weight. Merrill begins teaching a lesson about Lana Turner.

(Commercial break)

Greg says someone else besides him is going to sing (the audience applauds). After fighting with the audience, Greg tells them to shut up. He introduces Alice. No one applauds. Greg says they can clap now. Much applause.

Musical number, “Thank God I’m A Country Girl (Boy)” (Denver) (Alice and characters from the world of Sid & Marty Krofft).

Alice says that when she took the job on this show, she said she wouldn’t sing. Now having tried it, she finds it to be fun. Alice then invites the audience to see what took place when the What’s Happenin’ kids showed up at the Brady house.

Dissolve to:

Peter asks everyone if they have any ideas about what to do on the show. They all try to decide what famous character they want to be. Cindy wants to be Snow White and have the others be the Seven Dwarfs. Dee says “Good luck passing off Rerun as a dwarf.” Jan says they should drink an imaginary potion to become their fantasy character. Rerun says “I’ll drink it!”, Dee replies with “That figures.” Rerun pretends to drink the potion and becomes Muhammed Ali, Dee says maybe he should be the Astrodome. Rerun then decides to be OJ Simpson and starts leaping over the furniture. Jan becomes Julie Andrews, Bobby says he thought she was Jerry Lewis. Dewayne then becomes Muhammed Ali. Roger wants to be Pat Boone. Peter dives off the sofa and says he’s a Water Folly. Dewayne asks what that is. Dee says “Something that rolls around on the floor and acts DUMB.” When Bobby asks Dee what she wants to be, she asks if she can be head of the network. When the reply is yes, she says, “Good, because you’re all cancelled!” Roger becomes “Reverend Ike”, Cindy is Mary Tyler Moore, Peter is the Six Million Dollar Man.

Bobby and Dee sit on the sofa doing nothing. Mike and Carol enter and ask what is going on. Jan reports they have asked the What’s Happenin’ kids to be on the show, Mike becomes nervous and says he’ll drive the kids home because it is getting late. Cindy asks if she can go, Dee replies “You could if Fred (Rerun) wasn’t going, he takes up half the back seat.” When they are alone, Carol tells the Brady kids that their friends can’t be on the show this week because the guests have already been booked. She chooses Peter to break the bad news.

(Commercial break)

Marcia and Carol welcome every one back for the second half of the show. Marcia says it will be much better than the first half, which was “depressing”. Carol feels sorry for Peter who had to tell the What’s Happenin’ kids they couldn’t be on the show and invites everyone to see what happened.

Dissolve to:

Peter, Jan, Bobby and Cindy are dreading their meeting with the What’s Happenin’ kids. Peter can’t decide how to tell them they won’t be on the show. Alice comments about the depressing atmosphere. The kids arrive and demonstrate some humorous imitations of the Bradys they would like to do on the show, Peter then explains that they can’t do them. Roger, Dee, Dewayne and Rerun are upset at the news and get up to leave the house. Peter panics and says he’ll find a way to get them on the show.

Filled with sudden inspiration, and a bright idea, Peter displays an evil smirk.

Dissolve to:

Greg asks Peter if he wants to be pushed in the pool before or after he introduces Rick Dees. Peter says he is not being pushed in the pool, and calls in the What’s Happenin’ kids. Peter says they can be on the show by being pushed in the pool instead of him. Dee is not amused and neither are the others. They gang up on Peter and push him in. Greg laughs. They all introduce Rick Dees.

Musical number, “Dis-Gorilla” (Dees) (Rick Dees)

(Commercial break)

Skit involving the Grand Opening of “Merrilino’s House of Perfect Pizza”. Bobby is working for Mr. Merrill and asks him when he will be able to play the piano. Several customers arrive, including Mike & Carol. Mike notes that Bobby is dressed as a waitor, Carol is annoyed and reminds Merrill they are there to watch Bobby play not watch him serve pizza. Merrill introduces “Bobby Pepperoni” the piano player. Two more customers arrive, a very big man and a very tiny woman. Merill makes a scarcastic remark and is kicked in the ankle.

The two customers talk extremely loud, Carol asks Merill to have them be quiet. Merill is afraid of the guy and refuses. The man yells insults at Bobby, Carol asks Mike to do something about it. Mike is also afraid. More insults are hurled at Bobby. Carol stands up to the two and tells them off. The guy approaches Mike and threatens him. A pizza is dropped in Carol’s lap, Carol smashes a pizzza into the guys chest. Mike smashes another pizza over his head, and the bully begins to cry. Carol notes that he is a big coward, Mike claims that he merely met his match.

The rest of the Brady kids show up, Merill yells at them for being late. A trashy-looking man dressed in leather tells the Bradys to shut up so he can hear the piano player, Mike gets up to confront him. The guy busts the table in half and says “shut-up” again. Mike cowers back to the Brady table and notes the guy wants to hear Bobby play. Bobby is featured playing the end of Maple Leaf Rag by Joplin. Much applause.

Dissolve to:

Musical Number, “This Masquerade” (Russell) (Carol)

(Commercial break)

Carol tells Mike that the kids are saving their energy for the Finale about “Disco Songs” so it is up to the two of them to make the introduction. Mike says they do not have more energy than the kids, Carol replies that since they have six children the kids must think they’re bionic.

“Turn the Beat Around” (Jackson/Jackson) (Jan et al)
“Those Were the Days” (Raskin) (Mike & Carol)
“Enjoy Yourself With Me” (Gamble/Huff) (Greg)
“Disco Duck” (Dees) (Rick Dees)
“Tangerine” (Mercer/Schertzinger) (Alice & Merrill)
“Dancing Machine” (Davis/Fletcher/Parks) (What’s Happenin’ Kids)
“Disco Lucy- ‘I Love Lucy Theme'” (Daniel/Adamson) (Bradys)
“You Make Me Feel Like Dancing” (Sayer/Poncia) (all)

Carol says there is a man holding a card up saying that it is the end of another show. Peter asks why he gets pushed in the pool every week, Greg says because the man holding up the cue cards says to do it. Marcia warns them that the man is holding up another card. Jans notes that it says “Thank the chests??” (idiot) Mike says it is “Thank the guests”. Bobby says to thank John Stearwald for holding up the cards.

The Bradys sing “United We Stand.” (Hiller/Simmons)