Brenda may return to her old zip code


Shannon Doherty’s clash with producers of the original “Beverly Hills: 90210″ are no secret. Why then would the producers of the ‘reboot’ want to bring her on the show? E!Online’s Ausiello has the scoop:

But nearly everyone seems to agree on one thing: It’s a risk worth taking. “This is a win-win for all parties,” points out a 90210 source. “Shannen has a shot to get back in the public eye and make things right with the show that gave her her career, and the CW can generate some much-needed buzz and guarantee some major sampling of 90210.”

The first two seasons of the original series were much different than what 90210 eventually became, and is remembered as. Brenda filled a specific purpose in those early years and when the show evolved (devolved), her character changed to (what some reported) reflected Shannen’s actual personality.

I’ve believed that they needed one more original cast member, but I’m not sure Doherty is it. I’ve never been impressed with her acting skills post-90210, and her refusal to return for both the 90210 and “Charmed” series finales soured me on her personally.

Would you be glad to see Brenda Walsh back in Beverly? Or are they better off without her?