Brooke White booted off Idol…good


Brooke WhiteThis year, I’ve found “American Idol” to be completely boring. Simon is the only judge with real comments, Paula rarely discusses the signing, and Randy says a lot of nothing. Except, there was a bright spot…Brooke White.

Brooke only needed “American Idol” to get discovered…she didn’t need to win. Already, she is a better singer, performer and human being than most young musical talents today. As far as the show goes, every week she took both praise and criticism with grace and humility. Though not every performance was perfect, it didn’t need to be. Brooke was amazing.

Since seeing her on Idol, I have her pre-Idol album, “Songs From The Attic”. It is a great album with tracks as unique as Brooke herself. I highly recommend it, and hope you pick it up.

When she was dropped from “American Idol” this week, I said “good”. For an artist like her, winning Idol would be a bad thing. It just isn’t her. Just like Taylor Hicks before her, Brooke has a unique style that wouldn’t fit the Idol mold. Carrie Underwood was the exception, not the rule.

I was happy to find this, Brooke White on Fox News. During the interview, Carly Simon calls in an praises Brooke for her performance of Carly’s song on AI and expresses similar thoughts to what I’ve said here.

I can’t wait until Brooke is out from under the Freemantle Media contract and we can get more of her awesome sound.