BSG – Did they make it to Earth?


There has been speculation over the last week on what the final scene of last week’s midseason finale meant. In an interview with ComixMix, BSG’s Executive Producer Mark Verheiden says:

Anything I might say or not say about that last sequence could be construed as a spoiler, so I’m afraid you’ll just have to wait until the next bunch of episodes. Given the other questions I’ve been receiving since the episode ran, I may have to put that particular demur on a hot key, since it will be my standard answer re: anything involving the next episodes.

I for one believed that it was the Earth, and that the final shot was from Brooklyn, NY looking out to Manhattan (see animated pic to the right). But now with all of this evasive talk from show executives, I wonder if they have in fact not made it to Earth. It did strike me as odd that they would arrive at Earth (the goal of the entire series) in the middle of the season. I had expected it to be nearer to the end, with just enough time to wrap up storylines.

Have they made it to Earth? Are show runners simply toying with us to create a sense of uncertainty? If this is Earth, where do they go from here?