Chris Knight inteview in 16 Magazine from 1977


The Brady Bunch is Back
The information in this article is over 20 years old, and cannot be considered current.
Chris Knight - 16 Magazine

Chris (“Peter Brady”) has been spending his time as a student at UCLA (one of the largest universities in the nation). Now that he’s gone back to work, he’s taking a hiatus from his studies and expects to return to school at some time in the future. Chris feels that the opportunity of being a part of The Brady Bunch again is too good to pass up. And it may all be for the best anyway, because now Chris can go back to eating again!

You see, Chris had this problem – “I starved at school. The food in the dorm was so bad…it was whatever they could make with ground meat.” But now, Chris, who’s temporarily staying at his mother’s place along with his brother and sister (another brother moved away some time ago), is looking for an apartment to share with a buddy of his, who just happens to be a very good cook! Chris loves to eat, but he says he’s too lazy to fix anything himself – he’s perfectly willing to eat whatever his buddy will prepare! That may be a very good idea, since, as Chris tells it, the last time he prepared a batch of beans (one of his fave foods) they were so hot and spicy that no one could eat them until his mother worked a little of her own magic over them!

Chris is a conscientious guy and he works hard at whatever he’s doing. He knows that too many bean dishes, shishkabobs, and ribs can catch up with him when it’s time to get on the scale each morning – so he tries to be careful, especially now that he’s working again. Chris is 5’9″ tall and weighs 150 lbs. He has brown hair and hazel eyes – they change with the color of the clothes he wears. Her and all the Bradys are taking dance lessons now and that should certainly help keep his weight at a reasonable level.

In the romance department, Chris has no problems- he’s delightfully single and has lots of friends – “I look for a little bit of innocence and intelligence in a girl…I still don’t like gigglers…I like tactful girls who behave discreetly.” Chris is quick to point out, tho, that being tactful and discreet does not mean making up lies or excuses- it means being gentle with the truth! Chris also likes his girls in appropriate attire, but especially likes them when they’re wearing turtleneck sweaters and pants in rich, earthy colors.

Chris loves music and all kinds of sports. His all time fave musicians are the Beatles-he says nobody can match what they’ve got! He also enjoys the Eagles and the Beach Boys. As for sports, Chris loves soccer, football, water-skiing, and scuba diving (he was just certified). He does have to be careful about water sports, however, because of a chronic sinus condition.

During his time away from the Bradys, Chris kept in touch with Maureen, Barry and Florence Henderson (“Carol Brady”). When he got to work on the first day of production for the variety special, he was expecting to see lots of changes in the Bradys he’d lost touch with- and boy was he ever surprised! As Chris stood shaking hands with Robert Reed (“Mike Brady”), a young woman kept trying to talk to him and he started to wonder who this pushy person was. You can probably guess the rest already – it was none other than baby sister “Cindy,” Ms. Susan Olsen!