Christine returns


oldchristine.jpgOne of the best new comedies of the past few years is The New Adventures of Old Christine. It might be a long title, but it’s a great show. Christine came back for its 3rd season this week.

I’m a huge Seinfeld fan, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus is one of my favorite comedic actresses. Like all former-Seinfeld star shows, I gave this show chance in it’s first season. Unlike the others, it quickly gained my approval, and became one of my “must-see” shows. With the increase in Wanda Sykes’ involvement, New Christine is a hit.

This season kicked off semi-strong. It was a little sitcom-stereotypical, but what it did was allow Julia to shine. Her comedic timing was extraordinary, and her acting perfect. The lack of screen time for the usual supporting cast was what missing from this episode. With the WGA strike, more potential new viewers were available, and showing an episode with more cast involvement would have made more sense. I hope that they are more integral to the next episode.

CBS treats Christine like an ugly-stepchild. It has won awards and has a loyal audience, but it’s constantly treated like a standard mid-season replacement. I really hope it gets the respect it deserves, and soon.