Chuck…3rd Time is a Charm


ChuckI’ve enjoyed Chuck over the last 2 weeks, but it didn’t really blow me away. Well, this week, Chuck moved from if-I-have-time to must-see. This week was Chuck’s first real mission.  It was done really well, and it was both funny and interesting.

Much to my surprise, they aren’t hitting us over the head with the quasi-relationship between Chuck and  Sarah.  They could really ruin this show by spending too much time on the relationship this soon in the show.  Mild flirtation is enough to keep it going.

The vibe is essentially Jake 2.0,  but it is different enough that I am not constantly comparing the two.  Chuck’s personal life (which is much of the show) didn’t not change as much as Jake’s.  This is where they’ve found a balance between exploring the friends and spy sides.

I am now looking forward to next week.