Curb’s Empty Gestures


starts off Season 7 with a bang. The main focus of the premiere Larry trying to decide how to get out of his relationship with Loretta before her cancer diagnosis is revealed. This was more motivation than entertainment. It had its funny moments, but I felt just served to kickstart this seasons arc.

The highlight of the storyline was the exchange between Larry and Auntie Rae. Larry asserts that Auntie Rae not talk to the neighbors, because “…neighbors impose. I’d rather have the thieves than the neighbors – the thieves don’t impose. Thieves just want stuff. I’d rather give stuff than time.”

The B-story involved Funkhouser’s “crazy” sister who was just released from a mental institution. This was the episode story that was there to bring the funny. I’m not sure how I feel about Jeff cheating this early in the season, but maybe it could signal a turnaround in his relationship with Suzie. Them arguing is always good.

It was nice to see Cheryl (and Wanda) in the first episode. I’ve always felt that Cheryl Hines was an integral part of this show, so it is nice to see her back. We’ve always wondered what could make Larry David ( real Larry or Curb-Larry ) agree to a Seinfeld reunion. We have the answer now, the chance to get his wife back.

What did you think of the premiere? What are your thoughts on season 7?