“Curb Your Enthusiasm” Returns


larryThe biggest post-Seinfeld TV success, Larry David, has decided to return for a seventh season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. TVCrunch has:

Good news for Curb Your Enthusiasm fans – Larry David will bring the HBO series back for a seventh season! The bad news? We’ll have to wait until early 2009 to see it.

The last season of Curb Your Enthusiasm ended in November 2007.

Curb is my absolute favorite television comedy. Larry David shows his genius and always has the greatest supporting cast. Larry almost quit after season 5, but decided to return for, what appeared to be, a series ending 6th season.

I’m very curious how this new season will play out. I’ll stay away from spoilers, but for those who saw the final episode of last season, you know what I am talking about. Cheryl Hines was a great part of the show, and I wonder what her involvement in a 7th season will be, if any. I didn’t think Larry could come back from an end like that, but that’s what makes him so great.

Are you glad Curb is coming back? Will it be as good without Cheryl?