“Desperate Housewives” Flash Forward?


housewivesThe ending of the Housewives season finale last night completely caught me by surprise. In a move usually reserved for ’series’ finales, “BSG” or “Lost”, the last 2 minutes of the “Desperate Housewives” finale takes us 5 years on the future (See the clip here.). A synopsis of the flash-forward is…

Among the most surprising of them all is Gabrielle Solis’ two children, Juanita and Celiam whom she is the mother of. Eva admitted that the children made her enjoy the shoot of the series instead og making her strictly come for for and work leave routine on the sets.

Bree (Marcia Cross) is is cook book author whose agent is her son. Susan (Teri Hatcher) has found a new man. But what hasn’t changed is Lynette still being after her still extremely naughty now teenage children.

I can’t seem to find confirmation. Is this a BSG-style jump? Or, a “Lost”-style flash-forward? I’m a fare-weather fan of DH as sometimes the storylines are chalkboard-scraping bad. Susan’s future husband/boyfriend has been cast as a regular next season, but that doesn’t give us a timeline. The part of the jump I enjoyed was Gabrielle’s. Her character has gotten stale and needed a reboot. Carlos’ blindness just wasn’t enough.

Was it a jump? Was it a flash-forward? Was it a good idea?